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Next Meeting

Thursday, March 21, 2013, 5:30 pm
CONSULT-MN Dinner Meeting

Axel's Char House in the Roseville Radisson Hotel

  • Meet and greet your colleagues in the IT professions!
  • A fine dinner from Axel’s famous menu!

Admission is free and open to all; dinner and drinks are “separate checks.” We’ll gather at 5:30 and most likely take your dinner order around 6.

Please let us know  you’re coming!

We're on LinkedIn!

We're on Linked!

Find us at

About Us

Consult Minnesota is a group of Twin Cities IT professionals who know each other through involvement with the now-defunct Independent Computer Consultants Association (ICCA) and its local Minnesota chapter.

We're currently involved in the following activities, and developing a few more:

  • CONSULT-MN Listserv. We maintain an e-mail discussion group at where we talk about where we want to go and how to get there. Please feel free to visit and eavesdrop on or participate in the discussion. If you subscribe, you will get e-mails when there is activity.
  • A LinkedIn presence. Find us at
  • Dinner Meetings. The full group meets every other month for dinner at Axel's Char House (35W and County Road D in Roseville). These meetings are on the third Thursday. Everyone interested is welcome. You are responsible for your own meal costs. We start gathering around 5:30 and usually eat around 6:15.
  • Promoting and distributing ICCA's seminar video. Our predecessor organization videotaped a seminar for new consultants; we're keeping it alive by distributing it to community cable outlets and making it available online. You can watch it here.

ICCA Archives

Archived newsletters

Consultants in Minnesota, the newsletter of ICCA-MN, was published from August 1996 to September 2005.

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Contact Us

Consult Minnesota
Jack Rose, Webmaster
172 6th St E #1604
Saint Paul, MN 55101-1977


Phone: (612) 568-3243

ICCA Videos

"Starting Out in Computer Consulting" seminar

We have released the video of the seminar Starting Out in Computer Consulting, a project of our predecessor organization ICCA. You can view excerpts or the full program online, or download the entire seminar as a DVD image.

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